Monday, December 10, 2007

Simon Conlin - Misc Media

Carlos Ruano, IMM 2007-2008, Sheridan

Consultant and Interactive Strategist Simon Conlin(1) showed the class the different tendencies that are going on around the globe in relation to Flash Development and the applications of dynamic computer contents in arts and spectacles.

“This is a good moment in the industry for the Interactive” said Conlin, whilst he made reference to the work of different media developers around the world who are working with elements like motion capture, mobile technologies, use of motion controllers and other tools to produce engaging applications.

Developers like Zach Simpson(2) and Jeff Han(3) were shown as significant examples of the current tendencies of interactive media production. Whilst Simpson is applying interactivity to Museums and Galleries using his knowledge in physics, math, art and nature, Hann has been producing touch and movement trackers with very productive results such as games and other kinds of features.

Education, commerce and entertainment are applications of interactive products, pointed out by the speaker as the most relevant by the moment. “It is important to take old things and relate them with the new technologies to become with something successful” he mentioned.

When Conlin made reference to the future tendencies of the Interactive Media he mentioned the mobile technology as “the next round for video and flash applications”. He recommended working in groups to collide different abilities and knowledge in order to produce engaging applications.

In a world that is being invaded by interactive walls and movement sensitive stages, creativity becomes the ultimate tool to make the difference while applying new technologies to fields that flash has never stepped into.

(1).- Experienced on working within the Music industry, Advertising & Marketing sectors, bespoke interactive design solutions and traditional designs and strategy for anything media related from TV to Wireless Mobile / PDA. For the most part, his career history has involved positioning new media strategies, sourcing and managing external agencies, driving creative, artistic and technical resources, overseeing product development, guiding and coaching all activities that generate growth and monitoring and evaluating new avenues and technologies.

(2).- Zachary Booth Simpson is an engineer, scientist and artist. A high-school dropout, he was a game developer and the Director of Technology for Origin and Titanic Entertainment from 1991-1997. He was Origin's only research fellow in 1998 during which time he wrote an early paper on the in-game economics of Ultima Online. In 1999, he began creating interactive art using projectors, cameras, and shadow detection algorithms under the name Mine-Control. His series of artworks entitled Shadow Garden is installed in museums world-wide. He also invented related methods using infrared to create large projected touch screens, flashlight interactions, and floor interactions which he has shown at SIGGRAPH 2002, 2004, and 2006. He also works as a molecular biologist at the Marcotte Lab, Institute for Cellular and Molecular Biology, University of Texas at Austin where he researches biological signal transduction, synthetic biology, amorphous computing, and various other topics.

(3).- Consultant. Department of Computer Science. Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences. New York University. Research scientist for NYU's Department of Computer Science, currently working with Yann Lecun on various autonomous robot navigation projects, while also finding time to direct some of his own research. Over the years, He have also worked with several other professors at Courant, including Ken Perlin on projects like the Kaleidoscope, with Denis Zorin on mesh simulation, and with Chris Bregler on motion capture. His research interests have historically been real-time computer graphics and real-time computer vision, but he has taken on a more recent focus on human-computer interfaces and machine learning.

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